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As a Transgendered person, it is my constant hope for greater and greater self-love { homosexuality } awareness and acceptance in the world, that comes with this art work of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Transsexual, Queer, and Questioning individuals: LGBTQ family.

Bless you all with peace and love. Follow your heart towards the unspoken truth, towards the kingdom of heaven all around us. Truly truly, no one is greater than the starving child of God.

The same way our left foot works with our right foot to walk, or our right hand works with our left hand to lift something, so too is the natural occurring unity oneness with each other, ingrained in our primal brain, that many speak of as compassion, empathy and love for one another. Oneness unity is what is the fabric of our being that feels beyond race, religion, gender, or any of the ego falsehoods that appear indifferent and without care. No matter our enemy, no one is without the core ability to feel compassion, no matter how much they may say they do not. All falsehoods are simply far from the truth, that many fools fail to realize, making a mockery only of themselves, do they not? Blessed blessed are you with open hearts, in unity with the truth, in unity with your the divine real self child of God YOU.



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3 comments on “| About the Artist |”

  1. Andyy your work is wonderful and best described as ‘talent personified’. My wife Grace and I are honored to have met you today and so very grateful for the gift you bestowed our son Alex…..and watching your YouTube video of the evolution of the very same piece was amazing. Special thanks for the information regarding P Flag and Advocate.com ! Wishing you all things good – Richard

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